A day in pictures

08.30. We get out of our CouchSurfing host’s house and we jump on the airport bus. The first bus doesn’t stop for us, but we had plenty of time to get to the airport.

10.30. Looking for the self check-in kiosk in Kuala Lumpur’s Low Cost Terminal. The ticket to Kuching, Borneo, was 15 Euros with AirAsia.

11.30. We jump on the plane and we get to Borneo in only one and a half hours.

13.30. Once in Kuching, the most tiring part of the day, like every time we change cities: looking for a place to stay. It is very hot and our backpacks weight around 15 Kg each.

14.00. Change of strategy. One of us stays with the backpacks in a bar, and the other one looks for a nice hotel for a couple of nights.

15.30. After checking lots of dodgy places, we found it! Wo Jia Lodge at the Waterfront in Kuching, 15 Euro a night. The only thing is that we have a shared bathroom, but the rest is great.

16.00. We go for lunch, it’s late and we’re starving, since we didn’t eat anything since breakfast. César eats Laksa Sarawak and I choose fried noodles.

17.00. Picture of the day. César has been making the same picture every day for a year. At the end we’ll have more than 350 pictures we can use to make a stop motion animation to show changes in weight, hairdo, clothes, etc.

19.45. Dinnertime. We cross the river on a small boat to reach a popular food court.

21.30. We check our email one more time before…

22.30. …going to sleep.

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